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Still Circling Moose Jaw

Richard Bissell

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Wallace Dixon (Wally) is anything but happy. Life is the same old same old and, in spite of his endless successes and financial genius, his dream destination eludes him. Now approaching 50, he can't give up hope that life is more than, well, as an airline stewardess tells him, "the rejected broccoli from an airline lunch."

So, what to do, what to do. For one thing, he could look up Angela, an old girlfriend living in Tampa, Florida. (His children are grown and his wife - yes, he still has a wife - is part of the same old, same old.) Wally thinks, "Everything will be O.K. . . .when I see Angela. That's all I need. Nothing can possibly be dull with Angela." So, he does and soon his life is a series of shady business deals, thugs with guns, a night on the banks of the Amazon ("snakes, lizards, bugs, cannibals, King Kong,"), taxi cab drivers in Cuba, a tour guide from a bottle cap factory in Brazil ("Rich man house on left...Insane asylum on right. Famous tree on right. School on left,") and.......well, hang on, Wally is at long last, no longer circling Moose Jaw.

For fans of Richard Bissell (Say Darling, Pajama Game) and those new to his books, here's another title to add to your must read list.

Still Circling Moose Jaw - cover

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