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About eNet Press

One of the things which makes eNet Press different: Our download policy

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Each ebook you get from us is available in 3 formats. Different devices require one of these formats. By downloading your ebook in its correct format, it can be read on your device. If you have or get a different device, you can download your ebook in a different format for free. With the initial purchase, you have a full year to download a total of five copies, in any one or each of our three formats.

You can make multiple copies and give them to your friends and family. This will allow you to all read the same ebook at the same time, and to share with friends who might be far away.

We want you to be able to enjoy each eBook you purchase on whichever machines and readers you use. Your further rights are stated on our Terms and Conditions page.

Becoming an eNet Press Author

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eNet Press is a digital publishing company that helps authors and family members of popular authors benefit from the digital rights they own. eNet Press republishes these books in digital format so they can be sold online and read on any or all mobile devices or readers.

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We put out a regular e-mail newsletter, "eNews", to keep our friends and customers up to date on our latest authors and titles, and any other announcements we might have. Check out our latest issue or our archives.

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