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Why choose eNet Press?

1. Our download policy

One price; three formats; many copies.

2. High quality ebooks

We take extensive steps to minimize errors. World class designers design our covers. The ebook files are created with state of the art software so the books look good, read easily, and work well with a great variety of eReaders.

3. Extensive author information

Each eNet Press author has their own web site, often We've added links for the authors to other sites where you can learn more about them. We've added reviews, photos, biographical data and similar information.

4. All the works of the author

eNet Press publishes for each author all the works for which we can obtain the rights (which for many authors is 100% of their published work). eNet Press also seeks out manuscripts and rare works by an author. Some of the ebooks we publish can not be found anywhere else. So if you discover an author you like, you will be able to obtain all the works from eNet Press.

5. The eNet Press web site

With our Browse Shelves feature you can search, view, browse and sample ebooks easily. You can navigate to all parts of the site with just two or three clicks. We want to make it easy for you to locate an ebook when you want a specific one, and at the same time get to see a variety of ebooks you may be unfamiliar with.

6. Feedback welcomed

Please give us feedback on our authors, ebooks, and web site so that we can continually make it better for you. contact us

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