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eNet Press frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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About the Hornblower Saga and Beat to Quarters, Ship of the Line

Questions: So, where are volumes 6 & 7?  Have finished with volume 5 and was eagerly anticipating the next installment — only to find that they are not available!  I hope you are in the process of digitizing.  Please let me know so that I will know whether or not to to procure Hardcopies (ugh!).

You all seem to be missing two of the Hornblower books from your kindle editions. As I don't really want to have 9 e-edition volumes and 2 hard-copies, I am reluctant to begin purchasing the set if those two volumes aren't going to be issued.

When do you anticipate having the C. S. Forester novels Beat to Quarters and Ship of the Line digitized and ready to be downloaded?

Answers: We don't have rights to H6 and H7 as separate volumes. But we do have the rights to Captain Horatio Hornblower which contains the three first novels written about Hornblower: Beat to Quarters, Ship of the Line, and Flying Colours, so that is how we are able to publish the whole Hornblower Saga as ebooks.

Also, note that we publish the new Hornblower adventure by John Mahon: The Jamaican Affair of 1805, which fills in Hornblower's life from Hornblower During the Crisis to Hornblower and the Atropos.

About the Hornblower Saga omnibus Captain Horatio Hornblower

The ebook Captain Horatio Hornblower is now available for download from our eBookstore for $15.

Captain Horatio Hornblower is not available on Amazon. For us to get the best deal from Amazon, our books must sell for less than $10. There are three books included in Captain Horatio Hornblower and we need to charge $15; that's why it's not on Amazon.

What about typos and errors in the ebooks?

Answer: If you find errors or typos in a book, please report them to and include in the message the ebook title, chapter, with the short phrase (4, 5 or 6 words) containing the error, and what the error is.

One of our readers just went through all the ebooks of the Hornblower Saga. This reader has been an avid fan of Hornblower since a teenager, and with an almost photographic memory was able to spot many typos and errors, which he reported to us and so we revised all the ebooks. They should now be almost perfect. We really like readers to send us errors, and we correct them within a few days. We hope one day to have all perfect ebooks (dream, dream!).

When you send us an error, we will notify you when the ebook has been revised. You can download the ebook again then at no charge.

Reader comment: I am re-reading the Hornblower series which I love. I was delighted to find them available in the Kindle format, and thank you for making them available as such. In my reading of one I found what I thought might be some editing/formatting errors and highlighted them in my Kindle. By no means am I a professional editor, and these likely are not comprehensive, but I offer them to help future editions be even better. Again, thanks for making these wonderful books available on the Kindle.

Recent reader comment: Very easy to use and a great quality product. I have seen some titles available through your store that I have been looking for in an e-format for years! The only regret I have now is that I did not stumble across your site sooner.

I have an iPad with a Kindle App.  What format should I use for download?

Answer: The Kindle App likes .mobi best.

How do I add an ebook to my iPad and Kindle App?

Answer: With my iPad accessing the Internet, I just went to the eNet Press eBookstore and purchased Hornblower It downloaded to my iPad and then up came a small screen asking to Open in Kindle, pressed the button, and it did, and immediately opened the ebook in Kindle. So everything worked for me.

Will eNet Press be adding all the other Forester books?

Answer: eNet Press has rights to all the C.S.Forester books written after 1938, which include The Good Shepherd but not The Gun. We also have rights to a few books written before 1938 due to the vagaries of copyright. All the C.S.Forester books we have rights to have been published except Poo-Poo and the Dragons and The Hornblower Companion, and we expect to publish them in the future.

Why are some books only available in USA?

Questions: I am a big fan of C S Forester and especially the Hornblower novels. I live in Birmingham UK. I see that the ebooks are limited to customers who live in the USA only. Why is this and will I be able to buy ebooks direct from you in the future?

Answer: At present, the works of C.S.Forester and Taylor Caldwell are only available to residents of the USA because we only have the rights for this territory.

Does eNet Press make print copies available?

Answer: No, eNet Press only makes digital ebooks. We have no plans to produce books in print. A couple of our authors have arranged for their books to also be available in print, but we do not distribute them.

PHOTO: John Forester, Co-Founder