All our eBook formats

eNet Press currently publishes each ebook in 3 formats:
.epub (most eReaders)
.mobi (Amazon Kindle format)
.pdf (most computers and hand helds)

All the ebooks have color covers, and may have color illustrations - the eInk Kindle hand held units display ebooks in shades of gray.

About the .pdf format readable by almost all computers and similar digital devices


A universal viewer/reader, Adobe Reader, is available free from for reading .pdf files and particularly ebooks. There are other .pdf readers available, some specially designed for particular devices. The beauty of ebooks in .pdf format is that they look on the reader exactly as the designer and author planned. Footnotes can be exactly on the page they refer to, pictures are placed where the designer wanted, and indexes can locate exactly. .pdf ebooks don't flow like .epub ebooks do and if you make the text larger the whole page grows and you might find it hard to navigate.

What you need to do

  • Make sure you have a .pdf reader on your computer or device.
  • Use your device's browser to access the eNet Press eBookstore
  • Purchase an ebook
  • Download the ebook using the .pdf format button
  • After downloading move the ebook file to wherever you keep your ebook files, or to your desktop.
  • Double click on the ebook file and it will be opened automatically by the pdf reader you have.