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All our eBook formats

eNet Press currently publishes each ebook in 3 formats:
.epub (most eReaders)
.mobi (Amazon Kindle format)
.pdf (most computers and hand helds)

All the ebooks have color covers, and may have color illustrations - eInk readers display ebooks in shades of gray.

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Download: What you can do


Directly to your eReader device - iPad, Nook, Android, Nook, other

For Kindle, see below. Using your eReader device when it is connected to the Internet, go to and the eBookstore. After purchasing, download the ebook directly to your eReader device in the correct format for the eReader, most likely .epub, and the ebook will be displayed directly.

Download to your computer and read on your computer

Using your computer's browser after purchasing an ebook from enetpres you can download directly to your computer. Download the format for what ever ereader you may have in your computer, for instance .mobi for Kindle for Mac or .epub for Adobe Digital Edition. Then locate your ebook in the file where you get your downloads, drag it to your desktop and then open it with your ereader. Now it's available for reading.

Download using your computer as an intermediary to your eReader device

You can also download an ebook to your computer from the eNet Press eBookstore. Purchase an ebook, and download the ebook with the correct format for your device. After downloading, go to the Download location on your computer, move the ebook file (named with your book title) to wherever you keep your ebook files, or to your desktop. Then plug in your eReader device to your computer. Find the eReader"s icon on your desktop, double click on it to open it. Inside will be one or more folders. Find the folder which has ebook titles in it. Drag your new ebook file to this folder. Close the eReader folder and eject it. Open your eReader device and you'll see the new ebook there.

Downloading to your Kindle specifically

Using your computer, purchase an ebook, and download the ebook with the .mobi format button. After downloading, go to the Download location on your computer, move the ebook file named with your book title to wherever you keep your ebook files, or to your desktop.

• Plug the Kindle into your computer using the USB connector cable
• Find the Kindle icon on your desk top
• Double click on the Kindle icon. It opens. See the Document folder, double click on it and you'll see all the ebook files you had added to the Kindle
• Now drag your .mobi ebook file to the document folder
• Close the Kindle icon, and eject it
• Open your Kindle reader and locate your new ebook
• That's it

Note: Paperwhite Kindles, for some, it's possible for you to use the browser in the Kindle, purchase a book from eNet Press, and download it directly to your Kindle; however, navigation with the Kindle is tedious so it's easier to do the purchase via your computer.

Kindle Fire. For some reason, you can't load ebooks directly from our site to your Kindle Fire so you must use the above procedure to get our ebooks into your Kindle. Our ebooks work fine, though.

PHOTO: George Forester, Co-Founder