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"Grandmother and the Priests must rate as the all-time sleeper in modern fiction. Never has storytelling magic so outstripped a novel's title."

Robert E. Henry

Grandmother and the Priests

Taylor Caldwell

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Grandmother and the Priests is a powerful tribute to the memory of all God's servants, the hard-working clergy who dedicate their lives to helping others. Taylor Caldwell brings to life eleven different parishes, many of of which are extremely poor. And the stories of eleven different Catholic priests - their faith, their parishioners, their work. Some are colorful, some sad, some Scottish, others Irish. During years of hardship and near starvation, miracles occur because of the unwavering faith of the poor.

The devotion of the priests, and of the people they serve is quite inspiring. We find ourselves praying along with them for the homeless, the orphan, the blind, the unjustly accused. We meet the kidnapped cousins and their Laird. It is a touching reminder to express gratitude and appreciation for those who are called to serve, each in their own way.

Grandmother and the Priests - cover

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