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eNet Press Staff Picks

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The Border Lord, by Jan Westcott
Now I understand why historical romances can be so popular. The Border Lord is a fast moving and gripping Scottish story of the struggles of Francis Hepburn Earl of Bothwell after he falls out of favor with King James VI of Scotland. Bothwell escapes from a prison cell in Edinburgh Castle and we share in the excitement and dangers of his renegade life. We watch as his heart is moved by Anne of the golden hair who entertains this outlaw but then defies him. Stirring stuff indeed!

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The Carrington Incident, by Niven Busch
Apart from this being a good story, part thriller, part historical, I was amazed that here was a story written in 1940 which could so easily understand Germany and the Nazi mind. It predicts some of European and German life, like hero worship and concentration camps, over the next five years and the defeat of Nazism. Excellent character development. We start out with a lady companion to a frivolous rich American young woman visiting Berlin in 1939. The companion, whose statuesque ‘Aryan’ presence attracts her to Nazi officialdom, begins an adventure both extraordinary and unexpected, but not unbelievable. And the rest I’ll leave unsaid. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

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Did She Fall?, by Thorne Smith
Thorne Smith does it again. There is always the element of lightheartedness even in the darkest of themes. The Long Island Crewe household and friends who have their fair share of jealousies, dark thoughts and schemes against one another, get away with murder. How could they not? Thorne Smith never thought that we should take this world too seriously. The friends prove to be just a tad too clever for the police and justice types and the latter give up in the face of everybody being complicit in one way or another. Thorne Smith, you're in for a rare treat for he's a really gifted humorist, one who only comes by very occasionally.