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The Prince and the Porker

Phil Stong

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The Prince lives in a wonderful stable, has everything he wants, and demonstrates great intelligence and skill as a harness racer, except, well, he feels a little melancholy. Prince's owner and his trainer try everything. They teach him tricks and exercise him more, and offer him a choice of stablemates -- five pug pups, two collies, and a chicken. All to no avail.

Then one day The Prince meets a runty little pig called Tam O'Shanter. The horse and the pig begin a conversation immediately and they do so without making a sound, which as animals know, is of no importance at all.

Phil Stong has written a humorous and sensitive story about a horse and a pig and a boy and the adults who share their world. Beautifully told and resonating with a love for animals, kindness and understanding, The Prince and the Porker will make your heart shine.

The Prince and the Porker - cover

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