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Phillis Stevens

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When flashy, four-times-divorced Marilee Wallace runs her pink, vintage Cadillac convertible into conservative Karen Travis's battered Volkswagen, their collision propels the two onto a course of mayhem, mystery, and the most unlikely marriage of minds that Santa Fe has ever experienced. From Marilee's flamboyant clothes to her conniving antics, Karen learns more about love and life than she ever did as the dutiful wife and daughter she was before her own marriage ended.

In an effort to free them both from their post divorce poverty, Marilee convinces Karen that she must find herself a new husband -- one who will, hopefully, benefit Karen and Marilee both -- but the two unsuspecting women never dream that their scheme will uncover a hotbed of crime and involve all of Marilee's ex-husbands, some lovable, some despicable, but all of whom are totally enamored of the femme fatale to whom they were once married.

The wild, crazy romp that Marilee and Karen embark on in the arty, unconventional community of Santa Fe soon turns the town on its ear as, in an attempt to solve a crime and absolve the innocent, Marilee and Karen outsmart the police and take the reader on a fast-faced frolic through the American Southwest.

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